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The League of Women Voters, a nonpartisan political organization, encourages the informed and active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major public policy issues and influences public policy through education and advocacy.



  The next election is the State-Wide California Gubernatorial Primary in June 5, 2018.

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Any eligible Californian who has access to the Internet and a California drivers license or ID signature on file with the DMV can now register to vote on-line. 






Riverside's City Council Votes to Appoint Former Council Member Steve Adams to Fill the Vacant Ward 7 Council Seat


On September 8th, the City Council voted to appoint Steve Adams to serve a likely two-year term on Riverside's City Council. Ward 7 voters will not have a voice in choosing their representative until the next regular election in June 2019 or a possible run-off election in November 2019.
A two-year appointment is UNPRECEDENTED in Riverside City Council history and boarders on voter suppression.
Four Council Members were insistent that they had no choice but to appoint an applicant to fill the remainder of the vacant seat's term. 
In League's opinion, this reasoning ignores both the final paragraph of the Charter Sec. 404 Vacancies (p. 7) AND the best practices of past City Councils.
A review of past practices demonstrates that Riverside's chief priority has been to fill a vacancy as quickly as possible by a vote of the people - either by a stand alone Special Election or by consolidating the Special Election with the next available General Election.
By refusing to consider the entire Charter section or past Council precedent, a few Council Members succeeded in appointing their choice to represent Ward 7 and increase their voting block on the Council.
Exactly why they did this remains to be seen.  Be assured LWV Riverside will be observing Council's actions. We will continue to ask the tough questions and hold Council Members accountable.




 City of Riverside Passes the Voter Participation Act


However, the Council votes to enact it at the latest possible date.


On September 12, 2017, Riverside's City Council voted to enact the Voter Participation Act.  The Act's goal is to increase participation in Municipal Elections by consolidating odd- numbered year elections with even-numbered year General Elections.


This is good news for Riverside as we can expect voting for municipal offices to increase 25% to 35%.


The bad news is that the Council voted to drag out implementation until 2024.  It will be six years before Riverside voters can enjoy the benefits of this new law.


By making it easier to vote in Municipal Elections, the act puts voters first.  Ultimately, the Council ignored the spirit of the law and voted to put themselves first. 


By pushing out the first date for consolidated elections, the Council freed themselves of any inconvenience - the length of their current terms will not be effected. If they feared increased voter participation, they put that off as well.


The Council had a golden opportunity to prove to the voters of Riverside that their chief goal is to represent the voters' best interest.  They chose not to.  See more in The Press Enterprise article and

our remarks to the City Council.





On the 97th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, we are STILL fighting for

equal voting rights


Editorial by LWV US President Chris Carson




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The League's purpose is to encourage citizens to take part in their government. 

The League is interested in helping citizens become more informed and learn the many ways to influence government on state, national and local levels.

The League is a non-partisan organization that believes responsible government should be resposive to the will of the people, mindful that a democratic government depends on the informed and active participation of its citizens.

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